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Online Tuition at Raena Learning.

Firstly, we begin by assessing a student virtually. We use our learning app to administer the assessments. The assessments are timed. We can see in real time how long a student takes to complete each question and whether they are getting any help with their work.

Secondly, we discuss the results and send a written report to the parents/guardians . The report includes the student's areas of concern , our recommendation and the proposed course outline. In addition to isolating specific topics as areas of concern, we narrow down the results to specific skills, or a lack of skills. For example, a student may get a word problem question wrong. Instead of indicating that word problems as an area of concern we dig deeper to find out if it is an "operations" challenge(addition or subtraction etc) or whether the reasoning skills are a challenge.

Thirdly, we teach students individually (this is the main reason for administering assessments) Each student has specific needs hence a tailored program is prepared for each student.

So how do we teach ?

  • The class links are sent to each student. We use zoom or google meets to carry out the lesson.

  • We use the whiteboard to explain concepts to the student. We prefer using iPads to write on the screen as it is easier and legible to the student.

  • Classwork is done by either sharing a pdf or word document on the screen or by using our learning app . The work is marked as soon as the student completes( during the current session)

  • Assignments are set on our learning app or in Google classroom. Using our learning app,we are able to monitor the students. We can see how much time is spent doing the work and as soon as the assignment is turned in.

  • In addition, we ask the students to send their work either via email or WhatsApp. This is especially with Maths, comprehension and creative writing.

In conclusion, by engaging the students in all these ways, we are able to maximise on virtual learning and the student has the same experience as in-person tuition.

For more information on the courses we are offering email us on or call us on 0721794005.

We have recently updated our website. Lots of downloadable resources for our students.

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