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At Raena Learning Centre, we aim to prepare our students with skills required to make a real difference as individuals.



Our vision is to inspire our tutees to grasp their full potential by motivating them to accomplish academic success.

With an outstanding team of tutors at our Tuition Centre in Karen, the learning journey is made simple and fun for the students.


We specialise in developing a bespoke tuition plan to support each child’s learning journey relative to their needs and interests. 


The learning centre offers a tailored combination of productive support and creative teaching methods to enable our students to unlock their talents and key into their full potential.

Our tutors are all highly qualified in their taught subjects, so we are pleased to offer tuition in the all of the core subjects and 11+ entrance exams.


Raena Learning offers supplementary study and revision classes by giving learners specialised assistance that they need at every stage.

Raena Learning Centre offers 1 to 1 and group classes in Karen, Nairobi, covering the 8-4-4/2-6-3-3-3/ BNC( KS1, KS2, KS3, IGCSE, Common entrance), IB, ACE and A-Level. We offer maths tuition, English tuition, science tuition and humanities tuition from expert tutors and teachers.



We focus on ensuring students build and understand key skills and are prepared for exams. Classes run all week in the Centre and new students are given a free diagnostic assessment to isolate the areas of concern.

Our centre is based in a calm, relaxed and quiet learning environment to ensure learners are comfortable in their surroundings and provided with all the facilities they would expect in a school.


We have a 99% A-C pass rate for English IGCSE, Maths IGCSE and Science IGCSE over the last 10 years! We also have highly skilled tutors who can cover CE, SATs, Checkpoints, IGCSE, AQA, Edexcel and A-Level material for English, maths, humanities and science.


All of the subjects, at each level, are thoroughly planned to enable the tutors to deliver effective lessons throughout the academic year, and enable student’s ample exam practise so they can apply their knowledge.

Our core philosophy is for every student to develop an interest and develop confidence in every subject, to understand every concept and developing reasoning & critical thinking skills.


We believe that if every student understood concepts rather than cramming or drilling concepts they then can apply these skills in different situations academically.

Academic Expertise

Raena Learning Centre is set up and run by Naomi Wanjagua, former Kip McGrath Centre, Karen owner and an Advanced Skills Teacher of Maths/ Science and Chemistry who holds a BEd. She has been in a tutor with Kip McGrath for 12 years.  

What Makes Raena Learning different from other tutors?

Only teachers with an Education qualification and experience are employed.

An understanding of the differences between BNC, 8-4-4, PYP, common entrance and how they affect your child.

No large classes. Individuals attention is guaranteed.

Stimulating materials including state-of-art software designed in-house specifically for tutoring to ensure your child enjoys coming and is enthusiastic about learning. 

Diagnostic tests done to ensure that we get to the heart of the problem rather than just patching up what is being done at school.

No drilling. We make sure students understand what they learn so they can apply knowledge instead of regurgitating it.

All work marked by us and explained to the child. We provide teaching where it is needed - not just more sheets.

Teachers trained to understand areas that affect student's learning(such as Dyslexia and ADD(ADHD) ) to ensure your child gets the help they need.

Regular reassessments are conducted to ensure progress are being made.

Centre premises fitted out specifically with tuition in mind to ensure your child makes the most of their experience with us.

The Centre director is available to answer your questions at any time.

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