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For more than 50 years,learning has been synonymous with going to school. This trend has been disrupted. It has come to screeching halt to all students,parents and teachers.

What seemed to be a short break has turned out to be a long break. One that neither the parents& teachers nor students were used to.

Below are some tips for parents, teachers and students on making the most out of remote learning.

  1. Students can take advantage of the long break to cover any backlog. Most students have certain topics or areas they have struggled with in their current year group or previous years. This is the time to work on these areas. At Raena learning, we have worked with such students for many years . We begin with assessing & evaluating the areas of concern and thereafter tailoring a personalised course for every student. Currently, we have moved all our classes online and we have been able to address these areas without the pressure of exams.

  2. Parents have an advantage of closely monitoring their child's academic skills and course. This will equip parents to know how best to assist their children . This can be done by engaging with the school teacher to put emphasis on particular areas or by tutoring the students themselves or look for a reputable professional tutor. At Raena Learning, we have had a wealth of expertise and experience handling students with different needs. Our teachers have the skills and pedagogical training to teach online.

  3. Teachers have to learn on the fly to teach online. By now, most teachers have adapted to the various learning management systems . They have to be patient with their students as some students adapt quickly and like it and some do not. They also should not put too much pressure on their students or themselves. Lastly, they have to Figure out what is essential for learning and also how to individualise learning.

In conclusion, as we all adopt the new ways of teaching & learning, we should have an open mind and stay organized at all times.

For more information on booking online classes with Raena learning or accessing learning resources, visit our website on

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