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World Environment day

As we celebrate world environment day today, I remember about 15 years ago while still in college, I used to participate in environmental writing competitions. I always won. They were organised by giraffe centre, something I always looked up to visiting giraffe centre on world environmental day. I don't know whether they still hold these competitions.

Fast forward today, I feel inclined to say a thing or two about the environment. I have always been conscious of how I treat my surroundings. I have always acted rather harshly to anyone who throws trash mindlessly.

As we experience the current locust crisis in East Africa, I remember what The late Wangari Mathai said' Nature is very unforgiving'. Another environmentalist said'the earth doesn't belong to us;we belong to the earth.'

As we celebrate this day, this much I know, nature, the environment will always take care of itself. As the world experiences major environmental problems we need to think about what is the earth telling us? #worldenvironmentday2020

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