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Does your child always struggle with problem sums?

Even though he/she can score well in Paper 1, he/she is not able to do most of the questions when it comes to Paper 2.

He appears to understand each topic well but he/she can’t solve the questions accurately during exams.

He/she stares into each question for a long time, not knowing how to start.

He/she also spends too much time on one question, and hence, have insufficient time for the rest.

And when he/she approaches you for help, you

- Are at a loss on how to solve the question yourself

- Tried your best to explain to him but he cannot understand

- Managed to explain to him the solutions, but when he met a similar question next time, he is stuck again.

At a loss of what to do, you buy lots of assessment books and past year papers to drill your child on problem sums.

He/she couldn’t do most of the questions and ended up copying the solutions


And even after spending a lot of time drilling different types of Math questions, he/she still does not get the results he deserves.

Your child begins to hate Math even more.

It is frustrating, isn’t it?

Well, I got good news for you.

At Raena Learning Tuition Centres,we created materials for students to learn how to solve problem sums effectively.

Over my past 10 years of teaching, I realised that most high scoring students have received immense support from their parents ever since they are very young.

Their parents have an effective way to explain to them and nurture them into problem-solvers.

You can do the same too!

If you can give your child proper guidance and continuous support, you can expect to see improvements in a short period of time.

How Can Your Child Improve in Math

Many parents have approached me to coach their child.

If your child needs help too, feel free to enrol in our centre-based sessions.

Here are a few things to note:

- We don’t let your child practice any questions first before understanding the concept. We simplify concepts in ways which your child can understand first.

- We don’t do drilling of problem sums. Instead, we classify questions carefully to their concepts, and let your child master each of them. We will also do revision constantly to revise the concepts again.

- We don’t teach students to stick to one method of solving problem sums. We will teach a variety of methods so that your child has more tools to use during exams.

For more information and bookings , contact us at or email us at While you at it, visit our social media pages on twitter, Facebook and Instagram(Raena learning)

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