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Examination Tips:

Tip 1: 

One mark indicates one separate point. 

If the questions is worth 5 marks and you give 3 pieces of information you can only get a maximum of 3 marks from 5. Always use the box on the bottom right of the question as guidance. It will look like this [5]


Tip 2:

'C' style questions test case study knowledge.

To be able to answer the 'C' style question worth 7 marks in Paper 1 you will need a lot of case study material over the IGCSE course. This is the only question which take the quality of your writing into account. 


Tip 3: 

Certain questions especially in Physical Geography such as the units on Rivers and Coasts will ask you to explain the formation of a certain feature. Sometimes they will say with the aid of a diagram, but sometimes they will not. Even if they do not specifically ask for one (and you have the time) you can quickly sketch on in on the left hand side of the question in the blank space there. You never know it might help you get all the marks!


Do not draw your diagram or right in the area that says 'For Examiner's Use'

Tip 4:

Always read the question carefully and follow instructions to the letter. 

The easiest way to lose marks in your Geography IGCSE is to not answer the specific question. If anything is written in 'bold' it is important and you need to pay attention to it. If the question says use figures or evidence, do so!

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