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Hello, am David's mom who is a student at Brookhouse school. I was  introduced to Raena learning center by a parent of Brookhouse school who had benefited from the institution. I wanted my son to improve in his English  and Maths because those are the core subjects.David joined in yr 6, when he joined he struggled with grammar in English and division and multiplication in Maths. He had absolutely no confidence in himself and was a very shy young man. I thank each and every single teacher in Raena especially Mrs Naomi for their hard work and dedication making sure my son improved and did well in his first major exam Common Entrance. With their teacher to child approach i have seen massive improvement in my child.He has developed a very healthy habit of reading and enjoying books which has made me and his father proud. I could not believe when the school teacher told me he has gained confidence in himself and has shown the creative side of himself and often makes the class entertained in their drama lessons. All this is thanks to the Raena center for taking him out of his comfort zone and taking him to new levels. In maths he is now able to solve math problems without much difficulty. All this is shown from his Common Entrance exam results which he performed exemplary well in both maths and english and overall result was a grade A. I am sincerely grateful for the effort and hardwork put in by all the teachers in the learning center .Especially Mrs Naomi who has been there since day one. I won't hesitate to recommend any parent to take their child to Raena Learning center.

Yours SIncerely,

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