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Monday 10th May is here and 8-4-4/CBC students are back to school, International schools are back to physical classes . As a parent, despite the stress related to back to school, how do you ensure your child is prepared for this term and the future?

Firstly, for the grade 4(CBC) students, this is the best time to catch up on any backlog from grade 1-3 work. Parents have the opportunity to assess their children and look for ways to assist them. Do not allow your child to go to grade 5 in July with a backlog. Call us for tutoring services on 0721 794 005. Our services run Monday-Saturday 8:00am-7:00pm.

For class 5-8 and Form 1-3 this is third term and it is a short term.(10/5/2021-16/7/2021(10weeks)). It may turn out to be a stressful term for students who are not well prepared. Teachers may rush to complete the syllabus and end of term exams will be done towards the end of June.

As a parent how do you assist your child? Start today! Ensure your child takes formative assessments on a weekly basis. This will help you to find out if there are areas your child needs help in and you could either tutor your child, ask the school teacher to assist or look for a tutor. If you already know that your child has began the term with some academic challenges, find your child a solution. Call us today for individualised tutoring services. We have classes starting today 5:30-7:00pm Monday to Friday and Saturday 8:00am -2:00pm.

For international school students, some will be taking summative end of term exams in June while others will be taking formative assessments and weekly quizzes. It is important for these students to know that most schools are nowadays grading classwork, projects, quizzes and assignments. Students should not wait for the main end of term exam to put in the work. Work should be put in every single day for every single activity.

For more information and consultation, call or email us today.

For more information on International systems, join us from 24th May for a workshop targeting parents.

Happy Learning to all 🙂🙂

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