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Going back to school after a fun & joyous Christmas break can be a time of anxiety and even a bit of sadness for students of all ages. The new school year is full of many unknowns and that can feel a little scary at first. In addition, saying goodbye to a time of relaxation and fun isn’t exactly something most kids, even many college kids, look forward to. However, there are certain things a student and the parents can do to make this transition easier.

Below are some of my suggestions to being ready for a new term.

1. A few days or a week to the start of the new term, parents can begin by creating time for their children. Holidays are a busy time and if we are not careful, we only realize while it's late that we haven't completed school assignments and which leads to the students doing it in a rush. This means that students begin the new term unprepared. Creating at least 30-60 minutes a day ensures that any incomplete school assignment is completed in good time.

2. Enroll students in a reputable tuition centre. Finding time to review the previous term's school work ensures that students are refreshed and prepared for the new term.This is quite helpful as the tutor assist the students remember and retrieve forgotten concepts. At Raena learning, we encourage our students to come in for introductory and review classes. We work with the students by reviewing concepts they found challenging in the previous terms and for some students we introduce them to the coming term's work to prepare them.

3. Prepare a term planner. This can be done while referring to the school calendar. A student can plan for the sports tournaments, half term exams, school-opener exams. Having a termly planner,allows students put everything to perspective and become conscious of how much time they have.

4. Finally, a student needs to organize their school books, stationery and materials. Sometimes we find students who are looking for their school materials in the evening before the school term begins or worse the morning of the first day of the school term.

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