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Assessment of learning or assessment for learning?

Assessment of learning or Assessment for learning?

Assessments of learning are assessments used to measure how much a student has learned upto a particular point in time. They are used to see whether students are meeting standards set. These are summative assessments.

Assessments for learning support learning during the learning process. These are formative assessments . They need not to be graded, they serve as practice for students, they check understanding along the way and guide the teacher decision making about future instruction, they provide feedback to students so they can improve their performance. Formative assessments help to differentiate instruction and thus achieve student achievement.

Types of assessment strategies

  • Summaries and reflections - students stop to reflect, make sense or what they have heard or read, derive personal meaning from their learning experiences and increase their metacognitive skills.

  • Lists,charts,and graphic organizers-students will organise information, make connections and note relationships through the use if various graphic organisers.

  • Visual representation of information-studentsbuse both words and pictures to make connections and increase memory, facilitating retrieval of information later on.

  • Collaborative activities- students have the opportunity to move or communicate with others as they develop and demonstrate their understanding of concepts.

For more information on formative assessments, reach out to us.

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