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Here is a common scenario in most homesteads. As a parent, you are constantly asking your child to study in the morning before work and possibly you leave them some work to do . In the evening, you check the work or sometimes forget to check. This is a good thing to do but it may be inconclusive.

Have you ever asked yourself whether your child is learning passively or actively ? Passive learning is when your child picks up a book and reads it through like a novel. Active learning is when your child either explains in depth the concept they have learnt and even show/teach you.

Each one of us begins learning passively but our goal should be to move from passive to active learning.

One great tip to check for understanding is to ask your child to verbalise or verbally explain a concept they have just learnt. Watch out for responses such as "I know the concept but I don't know how to explain it" This is automatically tells you the student hasn't understood the concept.

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