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Comprehensive Teacher Training Program - British Education System

We are thrilled to announce our upcoming Teacher Training Program at Raena Learning Centre,specifically designed for educators keen on mastering the British Education System. This comprehensive training is an exceptional opportunity to enhance your teaching skills and expertise.

Training Cost:

The cost of training is KES 5000 per subject. This investment covers a range of essential educational components and pedagogical strategies.

Training Content:

The program covers the entire curriculum of the British Education System, from the Early Years Foundation Stage through to A-Levels. Key areas include:

1. Understanding the Curriculum and Pedagogy: In-depth knowledge of the curriculum, teaching methodologies, and best practices.

2. Stages and Examinations: Insight into various educational stages, including detailed overviews of relevant exams.

3. Learning Objectives: A focus on the goals and objectives at each stage, ensuring comprehensive subject understanding.

Training Methodology:

Our training approach is versatile and dynamic, encompassing:

• Physical Sessions: Interactive, face-to-face learning experiences.

• Hybrid Sessions: A blend of in-person and online learning.

• Online Sessions: Convenient, web-based education accessible from anywhere.

Practical Experience:

In addition to theoretical knowledge, our program includes observation sessions where trainees will witness firsthand the tutoring of students. This practical aspect is invaluable for understanding real-world teaching dynamics.

Post-Training Opportunities:

Upon successful completion of the training, participants will be offered an opportunity to join our team for a minimum tenure of 9 months. This period allows for the application of learned skills and further professional development within our esteemed center.

Skill Development:

The training extensively covers:

• Language Skills: Teaching grammar, comprehension, and spelling.

• Writing Skills: Directed writing, composition writing.

• Advanced Skills: Fostering abilities in analysis, evaluation, and synthesis.

We believe this training will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the educational field, particularly in teaching the British curriculum.

To register or for more inquiries, please contact us at We look forward to welcoming you to this transformative program.

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